All the computers of the Junta of Extremadura will be running free software and Open Standard


The Governmental Board of the Junta of Extremadura has approved an agreement that states that the electronic information generated and aimed at the interchange in all the departments and bodies that make up the Junta de Extremadura must obligatorily use standard formats.

  • Open Document Format for office suite applications (OASIS Open Document Format, norm ISO/IEC DIS 26300), for information being created and undergoing administrative processes.
  • Portable Document Format, PDF/A (ISO 19005-1:2005), for information where guaranteed unalterable visualization is required.

With this important agreement, the Junta de Extremadura is the first administration to adopt Open standards that all international organisations related to ITCs agree to refer to as the most important step to favour technological innovation, reduce the dependency of users, companies and Public Administrations on non-compatible, proprietary applications, and increment interoperability amongst systems and applications on a global level.

The board has also approved that, as from now, all computer tools for personal productivity used by the staff of the J de E will be free office suite implementations that must support natively the established standards.

Also, the designated operating system of obligatory use on all workstations of the staff of the Junta de Extremadura will be gnuLinEx (the local flavour of Debian Gnu/Linux derivative). The board agreed on a gradual migration on said workstations of all administrative departments that make up the J de E.

The deadline for the the completion of the migration has been set one year from the ratification of the agreement. After one year, all the workstations of the staff of the Junta de Extremadura must be working fully and exclusively under gnuLinEx and any additional software in use must be open source software and
be distributed under a free license.

Hispalinux would like to congratulate the Junta de Extremadura for taking such a bold decision and hopes that other administrations take note and follow the example set in Extremadura.

All Hispalinux members are encouraged to spread this news through all the channels they have available.